“Emeline has the gift of teaching, inspiring her young students to examine an author’s writings to find the original intent of the work, think critically, and then use those studies to develop their own voice. My children have taken lessons from Emeline for several years, and not only have they thoroughly enjoyed her instruction, but their writing skills have been honed in such a way that they are confident writers. My oldest daughter made straight A’s in her English college courses this year. We both agreed that this was largely due in part because of Emeline’s tutelage in her formative writing years.”

Tiffany Tsou, homeschool mom of 4

“We are grateful to have worked with Emeline for two semesters. Throughout the courses Emeline was knowledgeable, helpful, and patient, and she was also ready to adjust the curriculum to fit the needs of those in the courses we took.”

Jill Coppock, homeschool mom of 6